Facebook Now Lets you publicly endorse candidates

During Election campaigns, You can generally tell which candidate a person is supporting through his/her posts, likes, comments but Facebook has just taken it to the the next level, making it easy for you to endorse any candidate publicly,if you are brave enough.

Today Facebook added an endorsement feature that anyone can use to make public which candidate, they are supporting. Candidates now have Endorsement tabs on their pages, from which you can just click on "Endorse" and voila, it's made public.

Once you select an endorsement, Facebook will post it onto your friends' news feeds, and you can write something to go along with it.

You can choose to make it public and when you do, it will show up on the page of your endorsed candidate.

It's a very cool feature especially if you are the type that want to be heard especially during elections but I will advice that you should be careful with the kind of opinion you share to avoid having conflict of interest and also causing turmoil on the social network.

How to Endorse a Political Candidate on Facebook


To endorse a candidate for political office on Facebook:
  1. Select the Endorsement tab on the political figure's Facebook Page
  2. Select Endorse
  3. Choose the audience you want to see your endorsement post
  4. Write something to go along with your post
  5. Select Post
Keep in mind that if you choose Public as the audience of your endorsement, it may also appear on the candidate's Page if the candidate chooses to feature your endorsement.

Play Android games on your PC with Remix OS Player

Do you love your Android games and wish you had a chance to play them on PC? I think your prayers has been answered with Remix OS, a free emulator that a complete Android system on your Windows PC.

Remix OS utilizes the latest Android Studio Technology. As a tool already used by developers to test Android games and apps on PC, it's cutting edge performance gives you uncompromising compatibility and the smoothest emulator experience.

Remix OS gives you access to Google Play store, where you can gain access to all Android games and apps you know and love. Though the virtual system is based on Android Marshmallow and is the most up to date emulator you can find in the market, it is highly customized and gives access to multiple games at the same time. So you can manage several games simultaneously on one screen.

Jide, the developer recommends users to have at-least Core i3 processor and 4GB of memory to run this and if your PC has more power, you have a way better experience.

Download Remix OS now.

Instagram Finally Let's you hide Inappropriate Comments

 Instagram has been rolling out several updates recently and I think they have realized,there is no  time to give competition a chance. In July, they rolled out instagram for business, a business profile that works and looks just like Facebook profile and had this 'hide abusive or inappropriate comments' feature, which appeared under the 'Comment Moderation' sub menu of your app settings.

You can turn on the hide inappropriate comments features just the same way you do for your business profile. Just Simply Click on 'Settings' , Click on 'Comments' and the toggle on 'Hide Inappropriate Comments' . SO anytime a word or a phrase is reported as Inappropriate, Instagaram will filter it.

Image Credit : TNW
This is a very welcomed development, Instagram itself even describes it as the first feature it's introducing to help people with diverse cultures, religions, races, and more feel safe.

Even though we know trolls have been finding their ways around filters, because some are entirely newly created while other are formed from misspelled slurs, but you can your own custom keywords and phrases to help filters catch abusive words easily.

Infinix Hot S (x521) : Specifications and Features

Infinix Mobile have consistently shown they are here to say by following the trend, rolling out new and spectacular device each time. The Infinix Hot Series is a constant reminder to their fans that keeping it real and hot is definitely how they roll.

Infinix Hot S is the first of it's kind smartphone in the hot series that comes with a finger print sensor and 8.0mp front camera.

Full Specifications of Infinix Hot S

Design and Display

As Expected it's a 5.2 Inch HD IPS Unit smartphone, it weighs 140g which shows it is pretty light and would be very easy move around with and has a dimension 148.8*73.2*8.1mm. A sleek design just like the rest of it's hot series with curved edge and finger print sensor just below the back camera.

Software and Platform

Unlike the Hot 3 which disappointed Infinix fans by running on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop OS, Infinix Hot S runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow which is pretty cool even though some people would say it would have been preferable on Android N. It comes with  2GB RAM paired with a 64bit CPU, Octacore Cortex processor which runs at a frequency of 1.3GHz. Has a 4G/3G/2G Network with an Up-link of 50Mb/s and a down-link of 150Mb/s. Its Bandwiths are Stated below.

Latin America
GSM:850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900
WCDMA:850/ 900/ 1700/ 2100
FDD-LTE:B2/ B4/ B7/ B28/ B20

WCDMA:850/ 900/ 2100
FDD-LTE:B1/ B3/ B5/ B7/ B8/ B20


It has 8.0 megapixel camera which shows it was definitely built with selfies in mind,when placed on a selfie stick, you will be getting a very clear selfie. It's 13.0 megapixel rear camera and Flashlight  which will give you a quality shot, anytime, any day leaving you with the decision of when do I feel like taking a shot. Front Camera Image size Max: 3264*2448 Rear Camera image size Max: 4160*3120.

Battery Life  

 This is one area that really bothers smartphone lovers because no matter the great specs a phone has, if it has poor battery life, you will be thinking twice about getting it but I guess Infinix listened to the complaints made by their fans when Infinix Zero 3 was released so they went higher on this one. It comes with 3000mAh battery capacity which is 15 hrs talk time on 3G network, and 192 hrs on Stand by.

Memory and Connection 

 It comes with 16GB ROM which is also expandable up to 128GB using external memory card but two different varieties of RAM, 2GB RAM and 3GB RAM.
Sim Card Slot                    2 MICRO SIM OR MICRO SIM + MICRO SD CARD
GPS Navigation                YES
WiFi (WLAN)                  YES
Bluetooth                          YES,V4.0
USB Port                          YES, MICRO USB 5 PIN
Earphone                          YES, 3.5 JACK
OTG                                 YES 

Sensors and Tools

G-sensor                     YES
Light Sensor               YES
Proximity sensor        YES
Hall sensor                  YES
Compass                     YES
Also comes in 5 major colours,  Champagne Gold/ Med Blue/ Glossy Silver/ Berlin Gray/ Rose Gold.

It comes with a quick battery charging technology which gives you very fast charging in less time.

Every phone has it's downside but that doesn't stop this baby from been exceptional, If you are thinking of getting a mobile phone that will serve you for a long time, We will advice you go for this.

How to buy Apple Iphone 6s for N21,999 in Nigeria

We all have dreams of using the best gadgets and devices in the world but most of us have cash limitation, which hinders us from getting what we want, when we want it. That is  why we decided to give you this good news which we found.

How to get Iphone 6s for N21,999 in Nigeria

We are not here to trick you or play pranks with you guys because we know, you guys are the reason we are still here.


It is a very simple method and it is sponsored by Airtel Nigeria.

Now you can get an IPhone 6S from Airtel as low as N21,999 monthly and get free 3Gb, N3000 airtime, 300 SMS and Unlimited Social bundle every month.
With a Debit Card, you can own the latest iPhone from Apple without having to break your bank account. Simply follow provide the documentations listed below at the Airtel locations below and walk away with your very own iPhone 6S.
  1. Debit card valid for at least 12 months.
  2. Debit card will be registered as primary instrument for payment of the monthly bundle. In addition, the card will be charged for the 1st month bundle payment.
  3. 4 cheque leaflets. Customer to sign at least 4 post-dated cheques as a back-up to the registered debit card
  4. Valid proof of ID - National ID Card, Permanent voters card, Driver's license or International Passport
  5. Proof of address - Utility bill listing your home address
  6. 2 months recent bank statement – Account should be the same linked to the debit card and cheque being presented

NOTE: Terms and Conditions apply

Airtel locations where the offer is available
  1. Ikeja City mall
  2. Palms mall, Lekki
  3. More Shops coming soon. 
With this you can pay up without having to go bankrupt or have your account break into tears.

How to Stop those Unsolicited text messages from Glo, MTN, Airtel, Etisalat

Nigerian Communications Commission  enforces 2442 DO NOT DISTURB Short Code
Following a Direction to the telecommunications service providers in the country, the operators, will from July 1, 2016, activate the DO NOT DISTURB facility which gives subscribers the freedom to choose what messages to receive from the various networks.

With this Direction the operators have been mandated to dedicate a common Short Code (2442) which will enable subscribers take informed decisions.

Mr. Tony Ojobo, Director of Public Affairs, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), in a statement, said this action was taken in order to protect subscribers from the nuisance of unsolicited texts, and therefore a direct regulatory response to the yearnings of the subscribers.
By this action, he explained, the Commission has invoked a regulatory provision which had hitherto been overlooked by the operators.

Taking cognizance of the broad range of services which include: Banking/Insurance/ Financial Products, Real Estate, Education, Health, Consumer Goods and Automobiles, Communication/ Broadcasting/ Entertainment/ IT, Tourism and leisure, Sports, Religion(Christianity, Islam, others), the Commission directed the operators to give the necessary instructions and clarifications that will enable subscribers subscribe to a particular service/services /none at all.

In fact, a Full DND which is SMS “STOP” to 2442 does not allow the subscriber to receive any unsolicited message from the operators at all.

Below are the various options:
“SMS 1” for receiving SMS relating to Banking? Insurance/ Financial products to 2442
“SMS 2” for receiving |SMS relating to real Estate to 2442
“SMS 3” for receiving SMS relating to Education to 2442
“SMS 4” for receiving SMS relating to Health to 2442
“SMS 5” for receiving SMS relating to Consumer goods and Automobiles to 2442”
“SMS 6” for receiving SMS relating to Communication/ Broadcasting Entertainment/IT to 2442
“SMS 7” for receiving SMS relating to Tourism and leisure to 2442
“SMS 8” for receiving SMS relating to Sports to 2442
“SMS 9” for receiving SMS relating to Religion to 2442

Ojobo pointed out however that the decision of the Commission does not affect personal messages or person to person messages which are private communication by individuals.
He urged the operators to comply immediately with the Direction issued by the Commission and never again harass subscribers with unwanted messages.

Source : NCC

NBC To Broadcast 85 hours of Olympics Coverage in VR

NBC has said it will be doing it's first large scale test of VR and a big event like the Olympics is a very good test ground. It would be providing 85 hours of Virtual Reality programming in Rio this August, even though it's not going to be available for everyone.

Credit : TNW

For now, the 360 degree experience will only be available to those who own Samsung Galaxy Smartphones and the Gear VR headset because the VR Coverage is Samsung exclusive.

Several sports have had their fair share of VR broadcast, In May, it was the Kentucky Derby that received the 360 degree video, and just this month, Fox Sports had the US Open receive a 360 experience on VR.

I believe in years to come this would be a much bigger trend, as events like the world cup, several grand slams, who knows maybe the Uefa Champions league will all be live on VR.

VR Headsets have the affordable ones and I bet you, the next big event on VR might not be Samsung exclusive so I guess you can enjoy the experience by getting one.

Lenovo Launches the World's Thinnest Premium Smartphone, Moto Z

Lenovo has launched a pair of modular phones called the Moto Z and Moto Z force, according to Lenovo CEO, Yuang Yuanqing these modular phones are definitely a game-changing product.

Photo Credit : zdnet

These modular phones were launched at Lenovo Tech world, along with Moto Mods which are the initial set of snap-on products. The Moto Z comes with 4GB of Ram and Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor. It has a 5.5inch, quad HD Amoled display, without the Mod accessories, it's 5.2mm thick,  with up to 30 hours of battery life. It comes with 13mp rear camera with optical image and laser auto-focus, 5mp front camera with wide angle lens for nice selfies.

The Moto Z force comes with a more advanced Moto Shattered Shield Technology, which is second generation model that helps it from cracking or shattering when it's dropped. It has a 21mp rear camera and up to 40 hours of battery life.

At the Tech World, Ashton Kutcher, announced the Moto Mod developer, which the winner goes home with $1 million for best Mod protoype and also said Moto z is"Thinner and Lighter without compromising performance" and that the Moto Mods helps ensure Flawless Integration.

Both phones will be available in the U.S this summer but will be available globally by September.

How to Download and Install Android 7.0 N

Sometimes it's good to take a little risk.  Google has not yet released the full version of their latest OS Android 7.0 "N" but you can take a little risk and try the beta version out. Here is how to have Android 7.0 "N" beta fully functional on your Android phone :

First you will need one of the following Android devices :

  • Sony Xperia Z3
  • Nexus 6
  • Nexus 6P
  • Nexus 5X
  • Nexus 9
  • Nexus Player
  • General Mobile 4G (Android One)
  • Pixel C

If you are using any of these device, you are good to go but I will advice you back up your device first. Click on Settings >> Back up and reset, and make sure both Back up my data and Automatic Restore are enabled. You can also back up your photos and videos on PC, or use can use a cloud back up service like Google Drive. Once you have successfully backed up, you are ready.

If you are using Sony Xperia Z3, you need to first sign up to Sony's Android N Developer Preview Program . but for any other device listed above, you just need to register your device on Google's Android Beta portal.

Once your device is enrolled, you will be sent Over the air (OTA) updates every week until the Android N is fully released. If you stay in the Sony's preview program, your device will also get preview maintenance releases after the final release.

  I guess alot of people are waiting for the full release but while you wait you can try the beta version.

Glo Nigeria Releases The Chepeaset Data Plans Ever

Glo Nigeria plans to kill it's competitors totally with ridiculously insane data plans, first of it's kind since the Nigeria telecommunication market became a giant space.

Due to reduction in data bundle prices by Glo some time ago, Etisalat had to reviews their data bundle prices, Airtel followed before some weeks back when MTN, had no option but to join them after losing million of data subscribers.

Glo is now offering 2GB for N1000, 6GB for N2000 within an interval of 30 days. Here is a breakdown of all data bundles currently available on Glo network and their prices.

Plan Details

Daily Plans
Plan Name Price (N) Data Volume Validity  SMS to 127  USSD Code
1 Day Pack 50 30MB 1 Day 14  *127*14#
Instant Surf 100 100MB 1 Day 51  *127*51#
Always Day 500 195MB 1 Day 10  *127*3#
Smallie 200 200MB 3 Days 56  *127*56#

Weekly Plans
Plan Name Price (N) Data Volume Validity  SMS to 127  USSD Code
One Week 400 65MB 7 Days  52  *127*52#
Big Week 500 1GB 10 Days  57  *127*57#

Monthly Plans
Plan NamePrice (N)Data VolumeValiditySMS to 127USSD Code
 Always Micro1,0002GB30 Days53*127*53#
 My Phone2,0006GB30 Days55*127*55#
 So Special2,50010GB30 Days58*127*58#
 Always Macro3,00012GB30 Days54*127*54#
 N4,000 Data Plan4,00018GB30 Days59*127*59#
 Always Min5,00024GB30 Days11*127*2#
 Always Max8,00048GB30 Days12*127*1#
 Silver10,00011GB30 Days15*127*11#
 Gold15,00060GB30 Days16*127*12#
 Platinum18,00090GB30 Days17*127*13#
Are you out of data before end of your validity or you just want added data to your current plan? Boost your data plan by 1GB for just N500 OR by 300MB for just N200. Dial *777# to buy extra data (1GB Data Plan Boost is for 1GB plans or higher).

In Recent times Glo network quality has been very poor, and a lot of subscribers are complaining. Their 3G Network now crawls and this can be very annoying as nobody want to ever experience a very slow internet connection.

With this cool gesture, they will sure gain quiet a lot of customers but if they do not do something about their Network Quality, most people would prefer to use low packages that have good network quality. We are waiting to hear from Airtel, Etisalat and MTN.